Trying to buy stockings when your young “Rant”

October 31st, 2014
I always try and buy stockings in shops, so I can see what the stockings look like against my skin. It means going from one shop to another looking through dozens of pairs of hold ups, trying to find stockings

Eventually i found in department store a pair of tanned stockings that would suit me took it to the till to pay. the woman looked at them then at me and said ‘these are stocking you know, you need a suspender belt’

im sorry are you sugesting perhaps i cant read or that im incapable of figuring out that stockings need a suspension device (although that does sounds womewhat industrial!)!

‘yes, i know’ i said.

‘We sell tights and holds up to you know and we sell the suspender belts too’ said the oh so helpfull shop assistant.

‘Yes i saw them’ I say trying desperatly to keep sarcasm from my voice and not beat her with my wallet, ‘I dont think any of your suspender belts are realy suitable, i have pleanty of well made ones at home.’

Finally she allows me to pay.

How utterly ridiculous is this? im trying to buy somthing and she attempts to talk me out of it. is it realy that unbeleivable that a young women wants stockings rather than tights? Shall I give up wearing stockings and start wearing hold ups? Comments welcome

New stocking story - Lunch time stocking peek Part I

October 30th, 2014

I was sitting on the bus to work thinking about the usual things in life, hair make up, lingerie etc. It was a Friday and was looking forward to the weekend. Fridays are always the best day at work for me as I get to finish early, being an office temp I got that luxury but it was one of only a few luxuries I did have when it came to work. The bus seat was uncomfortable and when we went up and down over cracks in the road my skirt kept riding up, so I forever had to perch up and sort my skirt before the old man sitting across from me stole a peek. To read this stocking story and all my other stocking stories visit sabrinas stockings here

My grey work suit office up skirt

October 29th, 2014

In this gallery of me in the office, Im wearing my grey office suit which has a grey short jacket and a grey skirt. I cross and uncross my legs. To show my tanned stockings, black suspenders and white panties See the stocking gallery here

Blowing up balloons wearing a short skirt and panties

October 28th, 2014

I was asked to do some balloon pictures for another blog, infact a balloon blog called looners Here is a couple of samples from that shoot. To see the complete balloon in suspenders set visit my site here

IMG_3202.jpg IMG_3255.jpg

Stocking flash on the bus final part

October 27th, 2014

It was finally my stop, a few short minutes later and I started to head of the bus. It wasn’t until the lady sitting in front of me called me back that I realised I forgot to put my shoes back on and was about to head into work without them, with my face as red as my shoes I grabbed the shoes, put them on my feet and dashed into the office building. I think tomorrow I will get a taxi. To read this and all my real stocking stories visit my stocking site here

Secretary gallery in the office

October 26th, 2014

In this gallery Im in my working clothes in the office, you can just see my white panties up my skirt and the top of my black stockings. See the gallery here

Pictures of me in white panties, white socks and high heels

October 25th, 2014
DSCF0040.jpg DSCF0042.jpg
To see the complete collection of nearly 100 pictures visit me at Sabrinas Stockings

Stocking flash on the bus part VI

October 24th, 2014

Again I tucked my opposite foot under my leg with my toes trying to catch the soft, sheer fabric but with no luck. We stopped and a passenger got on. She sat right in front of me on the other side, one glance from the sides of her eyes and she would see everything. I had to make it quick so I pulled my foot down as fast as it would go dragging my sexy stocking as I went. I pretended to drop my handbag and quickly gathered up the stocking and threw it into my handbag. Finally it was over. Although the suspender clasps were tickling my thighs as they hung in mid air, I could live with that. To read this and all my stories visit me here

Puting my stockings in the washing machine

October 23rd, 2014

In this gallery it shows me after a hard days work taking off my sweaty stockings and putting them in the washing machine. See the gallery here

Upskirt panty flash pictures

October 22nd, 2014
pictures of an upskirt shot of me showing my long white socks and white panties with cherries on them. To see this complete set of 100 pictures visit me here
DSCF0021.jpg DSCF0022.jpg


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